What are the RULES of the Haunted Forest?

Due to the fact that we cannot control how you will act/react when you get scared, everyone ENTERS AT THEIR OWN RISK. Here are the other rules we enforce at the Haunted Forest:

Do Not Run!

1. NO touching of the patrons or actors.
Move ahead through the Forest at a steady pace and stay on the trail.
NO swearing or foul language.
NO lewd behavior.
NO smoking, alcohol or illegal substances.
NO destruction of any props or property.

Obeying the Haunted Forest rules will make a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. Be advised that we do employ onsite security guards and have security cameras in place throughout the forest. Anyone caught breaking the Haunted Forest rules will be escorted off the premises and will be subject to prosecution.



When does the Haunted Forest open?
For a complete list of dates and times, please check the calendar on our site.

Every night is great at the Haunted Forest. Demand is very high on the Weekend nights. If you want a less busy and more personal experience, we recommend coming on a Weeknight!

If you're like most people who don’t put their phone and keys deep in their pockets, the answer is YEEESSS! Please be mindful of your phone and keys safety before you get scared…anything can happen after that! We recommend either leaving your personal items in your car, or in a zipped pocket!

What happens if I LOSE MY PHONE OR KEYS? If you lose your phone or keys, please go to the ticket booth and leave your information with the ticket booth operators. If we find your phone or keys we will contact you ASAP. Many times, items like these are picked up by patrons and returned to the ticket booth, however, unfortunately, many times they walk off. This is why it is extremely important to put personal items deep in your zipped pockets or leave them in your car. The Haunted Forest is not Liable for loss of any personal property!

What is the Haunted Forest like?
The Haunted Forest is a Haunt trail through the forest with all kinds of fun and scary sets that have been strategically set up to scare the average person. The trail leads you through hundreds of trees, real swamps, mine shafts, dungeons, Area 51, farmyards, pumpkin patch, Dracula’s castle and many more sets that are designed to “Scare the Livin !@*?” out of you. It normally takes around 1 Hour for most groups to walk the Haunted Forest Trail.

Can I buy tickets ONLINE?
Yes, go to hauntedforestutah.com and go to BUY TICKETS. This will allow you to bypass the ticket booth line and go right into the Que line.

Does the Haunted Forest take Credit Cards?
Yes, Most people pay with a Credit Card or Cash, no personal Checks please. We accept all major Credit Cards except American Express. There is a $1.00 Transaction Fee per ticket.

Can I get my Ticket REFUNDED?
All Transactions are final!
There are “NO REFUNDS” given at the Haunted Forest.

Is the attraction scary?
Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a real forest overflowing with demons and ghouls, caves, swamps, abandoned mine shafts, rundown shacks and other sights that will make your blood curdle. Because the Haunted Forest is in a REAL forest, the level of fear is more intense than what you will find in an old supermarket maze filled with amateurs. Make sure to bring plenty of friends, because people rarely make it through alone.

Are you open if it rains?
We rarely close because of rain. In cases of an extreme downpour during production hours we may be forced to close unexpectedly, but we do our best to stay open even during rainstorms. Because our tickets are not time based, you can use your purchased ticket to come on another night.

What should I wear?
The Haunted Forest is entirely outdoors, which means you will be exposed to chilling winds, bitter cold, dirt, dust and whatever else mother nature decides to send. Wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty, and make sure you dress warm enough. We suggest you wear layers and close-toed shoes.

Are children allowed through the production?
Absolutely! However, parents should judge whether or not their child is ready. Keep in mind that the haunt is one of the most sophisticated and authentic attractions you'll ever experience. It may be too extreme for younger children. While some kids enjoy it, others find the attraction too much to handle.

Can I go through the Haunted Forest if I have health conditions or If I am pregnant?
Everyone is welcome at the Haunted Forest, but pregnant women and those with known health conditions are advised to enter at their own discretion. Remember, EVERYONE enters the Haunted Forest at their own risk.

Where is the Haunted Forest?
Look at our map under directions. 6000 W 6400 N American Fork, UT 84003 Take exit 275. Go west 1.8 Miles.

Are you open on Halloween night?
For a complete list of dates and times that we are open, please access the calendar on the site.

Is there food at the Haunted Forest?
Yes, Monster Grub makes a Mean Cheeseburger and offers all kinds of ghoulish goodies. We also sell glow sticks and other fun items.

Can we come in costume?
Come however you would like, however, most people just come and have a great time!
Are there restrooms? We have ample portable toilets for everyone on site. Enter at your Own Risk!

Are there jobs available at the Haunted Forest?
You bet! We are always looking for people who love to scare and want to join our great cast of members. Check out our Help Wanted section.

Are you on Social Media?
We sure are! We are on Facebook and Instagram. Add us as a friend for your chance to win free prizes, free passes and discounts!